Prenatal Massage

60 Minutes -  $100

90 Minutes -  $140

120 Minutes - $170
A nurturing and relaxing massage for both baby and mom ~ Your therapist will create a safe haven for you and your baby to have healthy stress free treatment ~ Please note that ALL Body Rhythms therapists are certified in prenatal and postpartum massage! 

Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage
90 Minutes -  $150
120 Minutes - $190

​Enjoy aromatherapy and relaxing heat while you are rhythmically massaged with natures smooth healing gems ~ Stress and pain melt away as this synergistic combination of techniques restore balance creating a deep sense of inner calm

Massage Rates

60 Minutes -  $100

90 Minutes -  $140

120 Minutes - $170

Body Rhythms massages are a great value, all of the extras are included

​All massages are custom integrative multi-modal massages
All treatment times are actual treatment times
(when you book a 60 minute massage you'll be on the table being treated for 60 minutes) 

All massages are spa massages which include:
Hot Stone Back Finale
Hot Oil Foot Treatment
Generous use of aromatherapies and hot Towels 

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by appointment only

ALL Body Rhythms Massages Are All-Inclusive!  There is nothing extra to buy!  All Treatment Times Are Actual!