Renewed Spirit

2 hours $210

​~A Healing Adventure for the Body and Spirit~

​Create balance with these energizing techniques incorporating heat and stones ~ from head to toe ~ a steamy hot aromatic foot bath and foot exfoliation, a massage for the big problem areas, the back neck and shoulders, using hot towels and stones ~ hot oil scalp and face massage ~ reflexology to the feet aligns your body, with this ancient Chinese healing system ~ hot stones to the feet while working with the chi

​90 minutes - Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Spa Massage and Reflexology
20 minutes - Hot Oil Scalp and face treatment
10 minutes - Aromatherapy hot Foot Soak and Foot Exfoliation

From Sea to Land
3 Hours $290

     ~ Unwind Completely with this Mini-Vacation ~​​​

From the water and the earth comes this fabulous combo ~ Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage from the healing power of the earth ~ the warm, soothing radiant heat of the stones combined with the essential oils penetrates muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation ~ add some reflexology to address the chi for balanced energy ~ enjoy a Hot Oil Scalp treatment and a Mini Facial ~ finish off with a steamy shower ~ Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being

​90 minutes - Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Hot Stone Spa Massage
30 minutes - Hot Oil Scalp Treatment
30 minutes - Reflexology
30 minutes - Mini-Facial​​​                                                                           

Skin Deep~~~Exfoliate Rejuvenate Hydrate

2 1/2 Hours $250


Designed to stimulate, relax and rejuvenate ~ this treatment is uniquely relaxing leaving you serene with velvety glowing skin

90 minutes - Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Spa Massage
45 minutes - Salt or Sugar Glow
​15 minutes - Hot Oil Scalp Massage                                                                                                     

A Natural Rhythm
3 Hours $290

  ~ You will be in the rhythm after this one ~

Three hours of luxurious pampering will leave you in a state of complete relaxation ~ heat activated muslin infused herb wrap to flush toxins and balance water in the system sends you soaring ~ while the herbs work their magic, you receive a hot oil scalp treatment and foot reflexology to balance it all out ~ when the body relaxes it heals so enjoy a custom Aromatherapy Spa Massage to relieve muscle tension ~ a Mini Facial tops the spa day off~~~​

90 minutes - Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Spa Massage
60 minutes - Dry Brush with Herb Wrap
30 minutes - Mini-Facial
20 minutes - Foot Reflexology (during wrap and massage)
15 minutes - Hot Oil Scalp Treatment (during wrap)                                                                 

The Lighthouse

3 1/2 Hours $320

~ This ultimate experience will delight your mind, body and spirit ~

Rejuvenate Body and Mind ~ Indulge ~ An herb infused exfoliating body polish applied to your skin before enveloping you in an invigorating, full-body mask stimulates circulation and soothes tired muscles ~ a Hot oil Scalp treatment and Reflexology are treats, while you lavish in the heat ~ Emerge to an extended, Custom Aromatherapy Spa Massage and Mini-Facial 

90 minutes - Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Spa Massage
45 minutes - Exfoliating Body Polish
45 minutes - Mud Wrap
30 minutes - Reflexology (during wrap and massage)
30 minutes - Mini-Facial
15 minutes - Hot Oil Scalp Treatment (during wrap)

We Will Be Open On Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14th!!!

All Treatments Include Chocolate And Flowers On Valentine's Day!

ALL Body Rhythms Massages Are All-Inclusive!  There is nothing extra to buy!  All Treatment Times Are Actual!

Body Rhythms Signature Massage

1 1/2 hours $135

​~Luxurious and Therapeutic~

Experience well-being, feel the stress melt away as you indulge ~ receive the benefits of therapeutic massage with all the perks ~ Our Aromatherapy Spa Massage is customized just for you ~ paired with a Mini-Facial to cleanse, scrub, tone and hydrate

60 Minutes- Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Spa Massage

30 Minutes- Mini-Facial 

Renewed Spirit Plus
2 1/2 Hours $250

~Let Your Body and Spirit Soar~

Vanquish stress, open pathways to healing muscles to soothe your soul ~ combine Reflexology, our Custom Aromatherapy Spa Massage, a Scalp and Face treatment, and hot towels and stones to the feet for an unbeatable combination

​90 minutes - Body Rhythms Custom Integrative Spa Massage
30 minutes - Reflexology or choose additional massage
20 minutes - Hot Oil Scalp and face treatment
10 minutes - Aromatherapy Hot Foot Soak and Foot Exfoliation                                                                            

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